Square Videos Ads

Video Ads by Computer Press

We can produce the same video in a range of output – in the exact sizes required by

What are Square Videos used for?

  • Square 1:1
  • Landscape 16:9
  • Vertical 9:16
  • Portrait 5:4

1:1 Square Videos for:

1-1 Video Ratio
  • Facebook Carousel Ads
  • Facebook Messenger Inbox
  • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Twitter Promoted Video
  • Twitter In-Stream Video Ad
  • Pinterest Organic Video
  • Pinterest Promoted Video

16:9 Landscape Videos for:

16-9 Video Ratio
  • Facebook In-Stream Video
  • Linkedin Feed
  • LinkedIn Video Ads
  • Twitter In-Stream Video Sponsorship
  • YouTube video ads
  • Websites

9:16 Videos for:

9-16 Video Ratio
  • Facebook Stories
  • Instagram Stories
  • Messenger Stories
  • Facebook Audience Network Native
  • Banner and Interstitial
  • Facebook Audience Network Rewarded Video
  • Snapchat Video Ads

5:4 Portrait Videos for:

5-4 Video Ratio
  • Facebook Feed
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Video Feeds
  • Instagram Feed and Explore

Examples of Square Video Ads

Square Video Ad Design Options







As you place your order you will have the opportunity to upload text, instructions and any graphics you want used –
so you may want to prepare them before you begin the order process. Or go ahead and order then send instructions and media by email.