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Brand and Logo Design – About This Service

Your company’s or organisation’s logo speaks for you – often even before any words are read. It’s your public face and the ‘tag’ that people hold in their memory. If I say ‘ big yellow M’ what comes to mind? Enough said!
We design  logos and branding elements that are clean, minimalist, modern and professional. We make sure that the design is unique so that your brand stands out from the competition.

We can produce:

  • High quality creative and original designs
  • 100% original based on your company’s persona
  • Unlimited Revisions – we keep going ’til it’s right!
  • Full access to your design – source and editable files
  • ‘Logo Redraw’ service for when you only have a print copy
  • We can design in a variety of styles including Modern | Vintage | Hand Drawn | Signature | Custom Logo | Badge | Sticker

We can design logos and branding elements to fit objects of any shape (mugs, pens, cars etc) we can even create a mockup for you to see it in situ

Brand Concepts

Brand & Logo Design Options

Computer Press Branding Design



Computer Press Branding Design



Computer Press Branding Design



As you place your order you will have the opportunity to upload text, instructions and any graphics you want used – 
so you may want to prepare them before you begin the order process. 

You can, if you choose, send them by email after ordering.