Computer Press Design Studio

Computer Press is a family business that started out in East Sussex in 1995 – yes we rode the first wave of web sites in the UK! And although we love working with our local community we have produced the goods for folk from as far afield as Australia and USA

Now based in Fort William in the Highland of Scotland we still strive to balance creativity with quality – and all at sensible prices. Most of our services now are offered at three levels:

  • Basic – very low cost and just enough to get you going
  • Standard – great value for money
  • Premium – for when you have very specific or demanding requirements

To make life easier for all of us we have designed a new ‘instant order’ on-line service, which means that you can place an order and receive the goods quite quickly without any hassle. But we also know that things are not always that simple and people often want to talk though their ideas first. That’s fine – you can contact us by phone or email – our major concern is that you end up with exactly what you were dreaming about (however muddled your dreams may be!) To this end we allow for a number of revisions and enjoy providing a number of options for you to choose from

You may only require one or two of our design services currently, but if you we feel we could help with a ‘start-up’ or a ‘make-over’ for your company or organisation profile, then give us a call and we’ll work out a discounted package for you.

Local charities and churches get a 10% discount for all services.

Lesley Wells
(CEO Computer Press)